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Health is the biggest physical asset you have, and takes the right love, rest, toughness, mindset, spirit, and planning to reach your maximum potential. 

Nerve Supply

"The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body." (Gray's Anatomy, 29th ed., page 4)

Vertebral Subluxation according to the world health organization (WHO) interferes with nervous system function, which effects every organ that is attached.   Subluxation destroys the body, proper chiropractic and spinal care restores and ensures life.  It’s a life a death system from conception.  A subluxation from inutero should be corrected at birth, with a spinal hygiene plan for life. 

Cardiovascular Health

Everyone knows your heart conditioning is important.  Your heart pumps blood so it’s not run by blood mainly, but life down to your spinal nerves from your brain. Promoting fitness, while not damaging body parts early is the goal. 


The science and art of knowing what each organ needs to be nourish and heal the body is based off of knowledge and testing.  What controls your stomach and bowels to digest the food is your nervous system too.  


70% of your body is water and it being clean and pure is essential.  The brain has to keep the kidney’s running to filter your entire blood supply in one minute.


Take a deep breathe in, you guessed it, it’s your brain again that runs your lungs to breathe. Keep fresh and clean air though too is very important. 


I know you brush your teeth, but mobility when your 80 is more important.  Joints, discs, muscles, teeth, hair, etc.. are included in this section.  Canes, walkers, wheel chairs, replacements, bed ridden, etc.. is to be avoided by a proper plan.