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5 Essentials of Life

Nerve Supply

"The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body." (Gray's Anatomy, 29th ed., page 4)

The alternative to not brushing and flossing and regularly seeing your dentist is drugs and surgery by the oral surgeon and dentures.  There is not alternative to daily care.  The alternative to chiropractic and corrective care chiropractic is drugs, shots, surgery, canes, walkers, bed ridden, nursing homes, and organ failure.   Chiropractic corrective care isn’t alternative care, it’s life or death; mainstream for life for all.


Cardiovascular Health

Everyone knows your heart conditioning is important.  Your heart pumps blood so it’s not run by blood mainly, but spinal nerves.  Promoting fitness, while not damaging body parts is our goal some unlike mainstream sports and workouts just to get a six pack or lift a cow.  Your body is a gift, take care of it and nourish it with the proper exercise.   As a certified chiropractic sports physician, former college athlete, and personal trainer, there are new things being developed that are better than what you are doing now. 


What controls your food and bowels to digest, nerve supply.  You are made of dirt though, so things grown organically from the dirt, and animals that eat things organically are most important.  Every body part and organ requires different nutrients and vitamins, regardless of the new age book you have read that is out there telling you what people did thousands of years ago.   They used beeds to count too back then, and things need to update.  Things need to adapt to the testing and science too, along with the ancient wisdom. 


70% of your body is water, make sure it’s clean though.  The nervous system controls the kidneys that filter the blood every minute entirely.  Make sure the fluid is pure.  See how sanitation below cured those viruses of polio and all those viruses in Europe and America by 95% before vaccines were developed.  It’s important to keep clean from artificial chemicals too.  We try to drink clean water to not get these diseases. 



Take a deep breathe in, you guessed it, it’s your brain again that runs your lungs to breathe. Keep fresh and clean air though too.